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Fucking with Authority

Bent cop Ben Brown continues filthy fucking with hairy hunk Bruno Knight getting it hard and fast from the tattooed fucker. Shoving each other against the walls and onto the floor, the aggressive duo spit, lick and suck every inch of their hairy bodies, rubbing each other hard as they get drenched in spit, working...

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Delta Kobra Solo

You can’t help falling a little bit in love with Delta Kobra, he might look like a mean fucker, but the guy is a gent, and as sexy as hell itself. A total top (we’re working on that) he loves showing off his fat, rock hard cock, and sweet, sweaty fuckhole....

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3Way Muscle Fuck

Hunk threesome! Hooking up with suited hunk Trojan and Carlo, Rocky is taken back to their plush pad for an awesome three-way full of rippling muscles and hairy bodies. These hunky men can’t get enough cock as they suck and get face fucked, making each others cocks bounce with pleasure....

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